Project deliverables - available  

State of the Art report
A summary of the scientific state-of-art methods and models, policy analysis and review of relevant ongoing initiatives

PDF State of the Art report
D11 Communication website

D12a Aries4People application: webinar video with sections and subtitles.
Note access to the application is restricted to Early Adopters.
Link to recording.
(Contributing authors: Alessio Bulckaen, Caterina Gilli, Flip Boonen)
D12b International Workshop Athens
D22a Peer-reviewed scientific publication - Scientific paper in high impact international scientific journal, which maximizes the scientific return of the project

Kokkoris, I.P., Smets, B., Hein, L., Mallinis, G., Buchhorn, M., Balbi, S., Cernecky, J., Paganini, M., Dimopoulos, P. (2024). Applying earth observation for ecosystem accounting Ecosystem Services, under review.

  Project deliverables - upcoming  

Algorithm Theoretical Baseline Documents (ATBDs)
A specification of the EO algorithms and ecosystem account models implemented for the selected demonstrators

D8 Documentation associated to the developed processor/toolbox/software  
D13 User manual  
D14 Policy Highlights - Short graphical documents for Policy Stakeholders  
D20 Final report - A final report providing a complete self-standing description of all the work done during the study  
D22b Scientific publication - A paper to a working group on ecosystem accounting