The PEOPLE-EA Consortium gathers the European top experts in the domain of ecosystem accounting and Earth Observation. 
The team will co-design together with the Early Adopters a system to prototype the generation of European SEEA-EA Tier-2 / Tier-3 ecosystem accounts.
The system will ease the generation of EO-based accounts for statistical offices through integration three technologies (OpenEO, INCA models and ARIES semantics) and keep Europe in the leading position in ecosystem accounting at biophysical level. 


VITO is the prime contractor and is responsible for:

  • algorithm development and benchmarking
  • setup an Account Ready Data Hub
  • organize the validation work

VITO is a leading European independent research and technology organization in the areas of cleantech and sustainable development.  The VITO Remote Sensing unit provides technical solutions in applying Earth Observation and large-scale geospatial data processing to better manage, predict and control our scarce natural resources.  

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BC3 (ES)

BC3 Research (ES) is responsible to

  • design and test the EU accounting platform
  • and generates the demonstrator accounts together with the Early Adopters.

The Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3) is an international and multidisciplinary research institute based in Bilbao, Spain. BC3 is devoted to advancing scientific knowledge of climate change causes and impacts relevant to decision-making by integrating environmental, socioeconomic, and ethical dimensions of climate change.

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Ecounting (NL)

Ecounting (NL) is responsible to

  • gather the requirements
  • define the roadmap for future work.

Ecounting is an SME specialised in providing services in the field of Ecosystem Accounting. Ecounting staff has been involved in the development of the System of Environmental Economic Accounting - Ecosystem Accounting (2014 - 2021), and has been involved in advising on the compilation of ecosystem accounts in various countries. Ecounting also has expertise in spatial modelling and using earth observation data for ecosystem accounting.

University of Patras (EL)

University of Patras (EL) is responsible to

  • conduct a state-of-art review and
  • contributes to algorithm development and benchmarking.

University of Patras (UPATRAS) is the 3rd largest University in Greece. The Department of Biology - Laboratory of Botany focuses on the documentation and mapping of biodiversity (species, habitats, ecosystems), implementation actions for conservation and management, ecosystem services mapping and assessment and terrestrial ecology. It leads the MAES (Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services) implementation in Greece, develops natural capital indicators and mainstreams natural capital accounting processes in Greece.