Earth Observation in service of Ecosystem accounting

The main objective of the PEOPLE (Pioneering Earth Observation Applications for the Environment) Ecosystem Accounting project (PEOPLE-EA) is to study the relevance of Earth observations for SEEA compliant ecosystem accounting and to demonstrate its use for terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems.




Within PEOPLE-EA, we have 5 specific objectives:

  • Review and describe the added value of integrating Earth Observation data for ecosystem accounting in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems, expressed in physical terms for ecosystem extent, condition and ecosystem services.
  • Co-develop (pioneer and test) innovative high-quality EO-based ecosystem account models according to the FAIR principle following an agile method.
  • Showcase and validate a number of selected demonstrators to prove the value of integrating EO in national ecosystem accounting in a regular and consistent manner through the appliance of a cloud-based tool using open standardized interfaces
  • Contribute to the international collaborative efforts to advance the use of EO in ecosystem accounting and support countries developing their national ecosystem accounts.
  • Prepare a future outlook (R&D roadmap) to further scale-up the use of EO in ecosystem accounting.

Early adopters

The Early Adopters explore the generation of ecosystem accounts using Earth Observation in the following countries: 

  • Greece, University of Patras (UPATRAS)
  • Italy, Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) and Italian National Institute for Environment Protection and Research (ISPRA)
  • The Netherlands, Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS)
  • Norway, Statistics Norway (SSB)
  • Slovakia, Institute of Landscape Ecology (ILE-SAS)


PEOPLE-EA project successfully kicked off

We are pleased to announce the official kick off of PEOPLE-EA.